Updated: 12/09/2012 09:55 | By Vicky Allison, Splash News
Baby Harper Accompanies Victoria Beckham to a Day of Presentations

Stylish baby Harper accompanies Victoria Beckham to her New York Fashion Week presentation

Stylish baby Harper accompanies Victoria Beckham to her New York Fashion Week presentation
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At the age of just 14 months, there's not many babies who could say they've already been to quite a few of the fashion world's hottest events. 

But Harper Beckham definitely isn't just any little girl. 

The cute youngster accompanied her designer mum, Victoria Beckham to a day of New York Fashion Week presentations. 

And it was like mother, like daughter, when it came to the duo's fashionable ensembles. 

Posh Spice, who was showing her second collection of Victoria, Victoria Beckham to the New York fashion world in the city's Meatpacking District, looked chic in a pair of tailored black trousers and a crisp white shirt. 

While Harper donned a baby pink sundress, matching bow and tan T-bar sandals. 

She's the most stylish tot out there! 

12/09/2012 13:37
What a pity that such a lovely little girl should look as miserable as her mother
12/09/2012 11:59
Give us a break from the Beckhams MSN, she is just exploiting the kids for her own publicity and ego as per usual, very few people are interested in these permanently in your face publicity seekers, they had enough free publicity through out the Olympics, even more than the athletes. So give us some news worth reading, enough is enough.
12/09/2012 14:05
Well I wouldn't use the word 'cute'.  The baby looks as miserable as her mother always looks.  For goodness sake SMILE!!! 
Vicky looks even more skeletal when she smiles....... no one needs that
12/09/2012 12:30
12/09/2012 15:16

A set up publicity shoot, does this woman ever smile or look happy, or even stand up straight, and why is this news?

12/09/2012 13:54
why do we have to put up with this every time we look at a newspaper or go on the internet the beckhams are a shower of hasbeens she connot sing he cannot play football if david was as good as he thinks he is why did fergie let him leave man u a pair of hasbeens give us a break from them till the year 2090
12/09/2012 12:30
12/09/2012 15:27
Poor kid. Looks like it's inherited her mother's trout pout already..........
12/09/2012 11:56
why does her face remind me of michael jackson
12/09/2012 14:51
No different from any other mother and child in your local supermarket the only thing being that most mothers and children in supermarket's who do not have two pennies to rub together look HAPPY what's this picture being published for is anybody really interested.
12/09/2012 11:17
Kid's fatter than her mother - she'll be put on a diet soon enough..
12/09/2012 14:52

can't sing for toffee spice needs therapy !

12/09/2012 17:01
Ah !  Two faces that resemble slapped arses !  What a sad silly bitch she is.
The kid's got that miserable 'face like a slapped @rse' down to a T already. Congrats!
12/09/2012 16:48
Why does this sour faced looking bint always have to wear dark glasses and seems always to be looking at the floor? Does she wear them to bed or is it that she's got bad eyes.
12/09/2012 14:35
"Entertainment News" ???  What strange World do you live in??  Obviously a serious I.Q. mismatch here.
12/09/2012 18:09
her mum will do anything to get more publicity,victoria is a talentless  ars*,cant sing cant do fashion
12/09/2012 14:47
You're having a laugh!!!!!!!!  Looking like a poodle with that ridiculious and idiotic bow on her bonce does not make her the most stylish brat "out there"!!!!!!!!!!  Skeleton Spice must see that with the child's hair that short, does not warrant a pony tail, especially not on top of her nut!!!!!!  The way she's dressed, Skeleton Spice will more than likely be entering the brat in the world renowned Crufts!!!!!!!!!!
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