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Brian McFadden Ties the Knot in Beautiful Florence

Brian McFadden Marries Vogue Williams

Brian McFadden Marries Vogue Williams
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Brian McFadden has finally tied the knot with Vogue Williams! The 32-year-old singer and the brunette beauty married in a fairy tale setting at the Castello of Vincigilata in Florence, Italy. The ceremony was attended by friends and family on Sunday. While most of the details of the wedding have been kept under wraps, Brian could hardly contain his excitement tweeting regular updates as the big day approached.Earlier this week, he wrote: "Look out Italy the Irish and the Aussies are coming in hot!!!!!!!!""Florence turn around. We're here! Jersey shore style!" he added on Friday, before finally confirming on Sunday morning: "I'm getting married today. #justsayin."The guest list was packed with celebrity guests including Brian's Australia's Got Talent co-judge Dannii Minogue.After the ceremony the guests were reportedly treated to a five course meal followed by a fireworks display.Congrats to the newlyweds!

03/09/2012 13:35
wow, now thats an article,,,,,,,,detailed, interesting and visual. outstanding job MSN
03/09/2012 18:12
Brian WHO ?????????? Are we supposed to know and who the hell is Vogue.....thought it was a magazine.
03/09/2012 20:50
03/09/2012 18:04
yes bum fluff,  Brian has a penis and yes you have a bum BUT he likes women so...... although it might have worked you'll have to keep looking.
            Good Luck !!  
                                             : ~ )

03/09/2012 15:40
What a d1ck, who wears sunglasses at their own wedding.
and who the f.u/c is b mcfadden i tied a knot in it years ago but only because it was to long
03/09/2012 20:49
03/09/2012 17:20
What are those girls wearing?????? bed sheets? OMG!!!! :/
03/09/2012 15:58
who cares except kerry katona??? i just read the repot to see who he married, i'm not up to date with this particular "celebrity" i thought he was still dating what's her name from neighbours...obiously not then!
03/09/2012 21:19
It's got to be an improvement on Kerry
03/09/2012 16:03
well do ne brain.fill your boots lad
03/09/2012 13:35
congrats and good luck brian.... you always were an musical giant in my eyes and a genius... despite the fact you couldn't sing play or dance.
                 Wonder what he does for £££ these days? 
                   If it last a year I'll eat Nicki Manange big fat arse.

03/09/2012 19:57
      Bum fluff I generally tolerate sodomites (although I despise the lifestyle) but add to it the fact that you are a cynical little nay-saying scoffer and it really gets hard ( nudge nudge wink wink) to tolerate you.  But then I think..... "if his life had any relevance he wouldn't be making an **** of himself on-line"....
                 SO go bitch about Stone Roses etc etc etc and curse this one and that one but to me you're a minor irritation screaming for attention.

03/09/2012 18:50
   Bum fluff I find YOU offensive. People don't post with a picture of a phallus or any other type of genitalia but because your queer feel you have the right to show an anus. Have some taste and some sense you give homosexuals a bad name.
         Im hetrosexual but I don't feel compelled to "wave the flag" and parade it all over the net.
                                                         Grow up.
                      did momma not spend enuff time potty training you? 
                                                                                                 : ~ (
04/09/2012 18:01
I BET Katona is loving it !!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she was invited.
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