Updated: 24/04/2013 10:23 | By Charli Burden, Splash News
Caroline Flack sunbathes on holiday in Miami

Caroline Flack reads her book on the beach in Miami

Caroline Flack reads her book on the beach in Miami
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The television presenter was spotted relaxing on the beach in a see-through green top and bikini bottoms.

Chilling out with a book, the 33-year-old was protecting her pale skin under a sunshade.

Sipping a refreshing drink, Caroline was later spotted taking a stroll down the white sand in an oversized shirt.

24/04/2013 12:50
....and the point of this article is...?
24/04/2013 17:33

the only good thing about this article is that in the second picture you can see her **** :)

25/04/2013 16:02

Think ya being a bit harsh on her really, she was a tv presenter way before Little Harry cam along, and will probably be around much longer than the stain on music that one direction is will be.


I hate people that hide behind their keyboards just to moan about stories, if you didnt wnat to read about why come on this page?????


Guys get out of your mums back bedrooms and get some daylight.

Imagine not being able to read a book without some parasites taking pictures of you... I just don't see the point. No one cares if she's been seen on a beach reading a book. The paparazzi are just awful. 
24/04/2013 12:07
what is her claim to fame? shagged a member of a boy band?  WOW  bet the family are SO proud.
25/04/2013 07:49
James McGuiggan, shes a tv presenter mate. You might have known that had you not been living under a rock
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