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Cheryl Cole and Will.i.am Injured in LA Car Crash

Cheryl Cole, Will.i.am

Cheryl Cole, Will.i.am
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Cheryl Cole was involved in a minor car crash with her pal Will.i.am after a recording session in Los Angeles - leaving the gorgeous Geordie 'blooded and bruised.' 

According to The Sun, a shaken Cheryl was a front seat passenger in a Cadillac - driven by Will - when it smashed into a parked car at 3.30am. 

Onlookers recalled how the steering-wheel bag inflated upon impact, hitting the Black Eyed Peas singer in the face and leaving him with a bloody nose. 

No safety device is thought to have inflated on Cole's side, with the publication claiming that the 29-year old could have banged her head on the dashboard. 

The Under The Sun singer was allegedly seen with blood pouring from her nose and over her lips. 

It is claimed that police soon arrived at the incident before The Voice coach was taken to nearby Cedars Sinai hospital for a full check up. Cheryl was given treatment at the scene. 

The pop stars have since taken to Twitter to assure their fans they are fine after the accident. 

We hope they are both OK.

30/08/2012 14:36
earth shattering news, cole broke a nail, and will.i.am got a nose bleed
30/08/2012 13:45
who cares that they have had a car crash, when us normal people have accidents nobody even blinks an eyelid so why should we even care about celebrities at all.
30/08/2012 13:06

So little information, so much drama!

hahahaha, bet she was suckin his dick at the time ........................................... dirty geordie **** !!
30/08/2012 14:33
WILL I AM after receiving whiplash immidiately started acting strangely and requested that every one call him William! You can literally knock sense into some people!!
30/08/2012 13:39
First thought I'm glad they're both ok. Second thought Very late recording session. Third thought How do you hit a parked car at 3.30 in the morning if you have all your faculties.
MSN..... powered by spam and dribble
30/08/2012 15:56

If I left work at 3.30am and hit a parked car i would be nicked...Because i would only hit a parked car if i was drunk or on drugs....

I do none of the above by the way


30/08/2012 14:29
Good old Cheryl, getting banged up again!!
30/08/2012 15:30
a parked car? which means he was clearly driving like an idiot! he should be charged with dangerous driving but all he will do is throw a load of money around and get away with it. he shouldn't be above the law!
30/08/2012 13:45
30/08/2012 14:42
No big loss if they were bed ridden for a few months  Glad they are ok.
World would still go on

30/08/2012 16:58
Stubbed my big toe,must contact the sun!!!!!
30/08/2012 16:22

Sooooooooooooooo, a recording session ar 3.30 am????? does she think we are stupid,? one fat as.s slapper that drags herself down to the level she is only fit for.

 Her main job is on her back and ooooh! that damn newcastle accent is enough to drive men away. she's found her level, the gutter, she certainly hasn't any talent, just the one and we all know what that is, you can take the girl out of Newcastle, you can't take Newcastle out of the girl, enough said

 I hope cheryl finished the bj before they crashed, would explain the bloody  nose, the airbag missed her haha

30/08/2012 13:14

Whiplash!  Me thinks there may be some claims going in.

30/08/2012 13:41
30/08/2012 17:49
Now she [Cheryl] know hows it feel to be punched in the face - perhaps she remembers doing it to Sophie Amogbokpa? Probably not! Sophie Amogbokpa will remember though...she got a paltry £500 for being assulted over a lollipop! Sounds like good ol' "I'm rich and spoiled, you're poor so tough luck" justice has taken it's rightful course after all...... 
30/08/2012 16:35
Stop the press - there was a minor car crash over three thousand miles away from the UK!!! Bloody hell, the amount of people who are in car crashes and much worse each day, why does this make it to MSN's front page? Constantly telling us about stuff we don't care about! We dont care if some boy from the xfactor deleted his twitter. we dont care if Cheryl Tweedy (not Cole) was in a bump half way across the world resulting in a nose bleed. And we don't care who is wearing what. We want real news. 
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