Updated: 11/09/2012 13:04 | By Eleanor Whalley, Splash News
Kim Kardashian Shows Her Curves in Sexy Underwear Shoot

Twitter picture of Kim Kardashian at a 70's photo shoot

Twitter picture of Kim Kardashian at a 70's photo shoot
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Kim Kardashian showed off her sexy curves as she posed in her underwear for a sexy photo shoot.

The reality TV star showed her sultry side in flesh-coloured lacy underwear with pearls draped around her neck.

She posted the pictures on Twitter last night and wrote: "Goodnight… Sweet Dreams."

11/09/2012 16:17
This girl is a bit obsessed with herself
11/09/2012 15:52
wow all that money and you still need so much attention, we have seen it all before, cover up please.
11/09/2012 15:59

can this women do anything but strip off,



I'd rather listen to Chloe K any day.

11/09/2012 15:44
STOP THIS MEDIA-**** FROM EARNING MILLIONS BY BEING A BAD EXAMPLE - fake, shallow, lacking in any skill. People genuinely lookup to these people because they appear in the media. Stop that and they become a mannequin... Who thinks a mannequin is a role model? Sorry, rantage!
11/09/2012 17:10
what a useless, superficial, ignorant individual. She represents everything that's wrong with our shabby society
11/09/2012 15:15
I've never known a person so desperate for attention.
11/09/2012 17:51

Don't know who she is , But as a balding, overweight, on the wrong side of 55 bloke, I suggested to my partner that I should also pose on twitter in my underwear......... apart with being threatened with a parting of the ways should I do such a thing, she hasn't stopped laughing yet at the thought.

Who exactly is Kim kardashian, I always thought Kardashian was something to do with Startrek ?

11/09/2012 20:26
Is there really no bloody end to what these publicity hungry tramps will do...  they must crave attention because they feel unloved and insecure.. as and old saying goes "beauty fades, dumb is forever"
11/09/2012 14:53
Show must be slipping  but as you say no big loss
Is she the medias new jordan ?  she has no apparent talent or skills . Yet her picture is shown at every opportunity. Wake up media people the majority of the public are not interested in another bint  strutting her stuff and making in god knows who's opinion so called news.
Well she's shown everything else what a complete dog,such a dysfunctional family.
11/09/2012 15:32
Must want to get the ratings up.  Shame so many have been through this before and you would not be able to put her any where near a naked flame - plastic problems
11/09/2012 20:15
I don't really give a S**t "bout this or her get a life and worry for your own..
11/09/2012 15:33
I tell you what would be news: Kim Kardashian tweeting a pic of herself...in clothes! Not gonna happen, though.
11/09/2012 15:15
11/09/2012 15:35
11/09/2012 22:01

What with Rian thing showing off her tattoo and her t*ts and this scrubber posing in her knickers there must be a problem with ratings and record sales.

While I would not say no if given the chance (and the wife never found out) why do we have to put up with this insatiable hunger for attention, are they all SO desperate?

11/09/2012 14:50
Looks a bit like a fat cherub in my opinion. Who really cares? 
12/09/2012 01:06
It's easier to post a semi-naked picture on Twitter than compose a few lines of what your talents actually are.
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