Updated: 10/09/2012 10:26 | By Eleanor Whalley, Splash News
Lady Gaga Sports A Very Revealing Wedding Dress In London

Lady Gaga in a low cut gown coming out of the Arts Club in Mayfair

Lady Gaga in a low cut gown coming out of the Arts Club in Mayfair
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Lady Gaga is not exactly known for being a wallflower when it comes to her wardrobe.

But last night she took it up a notch as she partied the night away in a white wedding dress with friends Rihanna and Jay-Z at the Arts Club in Mayfair, London.

The 26-year-old sported a very revealing white wedding gown.

Gaga teamed the dress, which featured a corseted top which struggled to contain her ample cleavage, with a net turban-style headpiece and satin gloves.

It looks like just a regular night out in London for Gaga!

10/09/2012 23:56
she does not have an ample cleavage - she has small boobs crammed into a dress that doesnt fit made out of her grannies cast off net curtains. she only wears ridiculous clothes to get in the press. but at least she remembered to wear a skirt for a change.
10/09/2012 13:31
Oh look, it's Lady Gaga attempting to be weird again. Yawn... We all know it's just an act. You're not wierd, quirky or anything else... just a tool!
10/09/2012 13:13
Fukn weirdo GAGA...and she is **** in concert...Hurry back PINK, ur missing by millions.
ONLY RAY CHARLES WOULD BE BLIND ENOUGH TO MARRY THAT UGLY CU.T AND YOULL HAVE TO DIG HIM UP FIRST...shes got a face only a mother could love.and who in england cares over the age of 7 whether she lives or dies.
10/09/2012 17:04
Is it me or does everything this "girl" wears make her look like a bag and a tart. Class and subtlety dont seem to be part of her wardrobe or makeup.
10/09/2012 13:29
why has lady gaga got a sterio on her head
13/09/2012 14:07
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