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'Proud' Chris Moyles Bids Farewell to Radio 1

A 'proud' Chris Moyles has said goodbye to his Radio 1 breakfast show

A 'proud' Chris Moyles has said goodbye to his Radio 1 breakfast show
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A 'proud' Chris Moyles has said goodbye to his Radio 1 breakfast show.

The DJ, who has been hosting the show for more than eight years, said his final programme felt like 'some weird victory' after 'all the flak we've taken'. 

He told listeners: "We just got through all of it and here we all are celebrating us and I'm really proud."

Moyles added: "Thank you to everyone who has listened and supported us."

We'll miss listening to you Chris!

15/09/2012 14:17
the ebb and flow of popular culture is a fickle beast BUT I detested that cocky trumped up little know-it - all. Very self satisfied ( some think thast's a good quality but theres a line) and up his own arse.  He looks OLD suddenly.
14/09/2012 15:53
kept me well entertained for many hours, will be missed,still people will moan about anything!!
14/09/2012 15:14
i loved the finding a fiver in the little pocket of jeans quote.....priceless
14/09/2012 14:51
Long overdue - I used to love listening to Chris Moyles up until 2 years ago and then it was all about him. It became purile and boring.  Long overdue - bye bye. He'll have made a mint so don't feel sorry.
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