Updated: 10/09/2012 11:12 | By Eleanor Whalley, Splash News
Rihanna Honours Late Grandmother with Tattoo of Goddess Isis Across Her Ribcage

Rihanna's revealing new tattoo that honours her late grandmother

Rihanna's revealing new tattoo that honours her late grandmother
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Rihanna has paid tribute to her late grandmother with a new goddess tattoo across her ribcage.

The singer, who performed at the Paralympic closing ceremony in London last night, was left devastated earlier this year when she lost her beloved relative Dolly following a long battle with cancer.

She has now paid tribute to her late grandmother with an inking comparing her to an Egyptian goddess.

The star posted a picture of the tattoo on her Twitter page over the weekend, which shows Isis kneeling with her knees spread.

Alongside the picture, Rihanna tweeted: "Goddess Isis - Complete Woman - Model for future generations - #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart."

It's a pretty revealing snapshot!

10/09/2012 13:17

I'm sure her grandmother would be honoured to be put under her boobs as an excuse to flash them to the world.


A nice sentiment, but could have picked a more appropritate place for it.

10/09/2012 16:27

Whilst Rhinna's dedication to her grandmother, I'm imagine, is heartfelt, the tattoo's not going to look so great when she is 70!  Each to their own and all that but I absolutely cannot understand the world's obsession with tattoos.  In the main, they look revolting.  What ever happened to beautful skin and the scars of life to tell a story?


David Beckham, for example, is a nice looking guy with a great body.  Why cover it all up with that?  I'm sure he and Rhianna look much more beautful as nature intended.

10/09/2012 19:38
10/09/2012 22:38
WOW! What A Chav She Really Is, How Many More Tattoo's Is This Idiot Going To Have? And More To The Point Why Is It Such A Huge Fashion That Everyone Has To Have Repulsive Skin Mutilations All The Time? Say What You Like No Matter How Good You Think You Look You Have Still Made Yourself Look Like A Classless Chav
10/09/2012 17:50
She might start a ti t  for tat war.
11/09/2012 08:24

What's with the tattoo hating comments? Everyone's skin is there's to put what they want on. I like tattoos. As long as they don't go too overboard. And yes, I do have some. I only like them when they have some meaning to the person having them. I find it a bit odd to have a random picture, and there are many that people regret having. I don't regret any of mine years after having them. They mean something to me.


The funny thing about people with tattoos is that the people who have them don't really care if you don't have them. It's quite a contrast against people who decided not to have them.

10/09/2012 20:06

I think it's with her WINGS spread, though who knows?


10/09/2012 17:22
Pretentious troll I don't thing many Egyptian Goddess kept pigs and chickens .
11/09/2012 00:16
So, her grandmother had sex with her grand uncle? 
10/09/2012 14:30
Can I just say that Rhianna has got some great tats!
10/09/2012 21:02
i like it ,love egyptian art anyway but im all for inking as a memorial im going too have angel wings across my neck/shoulders for my late mum & i have a halo above two angel wings with the word shania under neath & a shining star on my right wrist in memory of my late 3yr old niece that way shes allways close at hand .....nice work rihanna xx
10/09/2012 14:49
Looks fake. I didn't see it at last nights closing ceremony. 
10/09/2012 16:33
10/09/2012 16:34

she has the godess isis on her chest what is she trying to say ILLUMINAT ILLUMINATI ILLUMINATI


satanist !!!!!!

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