Updated: 06/09/2012 16:37 | By Vicky Allison, Splash News
The Duchess of Cambridge's Cousin Katrina Darling Wears a Bling Crown and Not Much Else!

Katrina Darling disrobes as part of a burlesque performance to celebrate her appearance in Playboy magazine

Katrina Darling disrobes as part of a burlesque performance to celebrate her appearance in Playboy magazine
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She's distantly related to the Duchess of Cambridge and has never met her famous cousin. 

But thanks to Katrina Darling's Royal connection, she has now become a Playboy cover girl.

The burlesque dancer stripped off for the adult magazine and celebrated the edition going on sale this week with a special performance in New York.

At the party at Demi Monde Club, the 22-year-old donned a slinky silver dress and glittery tiara.

After showing off her fire-eating skills, she then disrobed to reveal silver lingerie and then stripped off even further until not a lot was covering her modesty. 


06/09/2012 20:01
See that these damn spams are getting longer, trying to force everything else off the forum MSN fix this!
06/09/2012 18:11
Your friends you can choose, your family you can't, don't tar everyone with the same brush.
06/09/2012 17:55
lets get her set up with harry, then the media would have a ball
06/09/2012 19:59

After all the blurb, could at least have shown her finale pictures!

We have to endure MSN's incapability to remove all the dating and hooker ads!

06/09/2012 19:48
06/09/2012 19:42
the headline is she bares all well whoopie doo I am distantly related to atilla the hun and I strip every day for a bath wanna see a photo PMSL
06/09/2012 22:22

Well, since there are only 6 degrees of separation in the human race, then 1 person out of every 6 you've ever seen, are "distantly related".......except me. I'm actually only related to Kenny from South Park. He's my sister. But I've never seen him naked, so I have no photos.


Big headline, full of s h i t e - as usual.


When I'm king of the world, headline writers, and most journalists in general, will be high on my elimination list.


I can imagine what sort of face the royals are pulling , the public at large being  forced to accept a connection between Ms Darling [her real name ? ] and them . Very classy ! .


How classy. Probably trying to make the most of her 15mins of fame.

MSN can't you moderate the spam = it is so very boring!!!
06/09/2012 18:53
if you,ve got it why not flaunt it girl. won,t last forever...
06/09/2012 20:01
So what?  Never met Kate so what's all the fuss about?  Who found this out?  Is it true? 
06/09/2012 20:01

What is the big deal  2 arms, 2 legs, 2 boobs, 1 front, (fur optional) 1 behind, & 1 bellybutton.


Same as probably 98% of the femail population ------ GET A LIFE!!! 

07/09/2012 00:10
More likely to be related to Katie Price I would have thought !
ZZZZZzzzzzzz..........nnphZZzzzzzzzzz......... YAWN
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