22/05/2012 19:29 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Cheryl Cole & Cameron Diaz buddy up at movie premiere

Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu

Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu (© PA)
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Never too far away from a showbiz event, Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu were also there, looking like they'd spent a glorious day in the late May sunshine.

22/05/2012 22:16
Why are no comments allowed for the ' VAT cuts plan suggested by IMF' story,  yet comments available for stupid Cheryl Whatshername standing next to stupid Cameron Whatsherface?

MSN really is the true home of the pleb!

Who here actually gives a **** that these two people are standing...yes, STANDING...next to each other? I mean, two planks of wood, standing next to each other, and we get the lucky privilege of posting generic comments about it. Aren't we lucky to be members of this excellent website?

Honestly, if MSN didn't have hotmail, then it would truly have absolutely nothing at all.
22/05/2012 20:05
keep well away cameron, dont let her drag you into the gutter
22/05/2012 20:08
sorry msn but tose outfits do not look matching to me,[ specsavers comes to mind me thinks ]
23/05/2012 00:14
Only surface dwellers could possibly be impressed by this hogwash, would rather see "IMPORTANT" news and be able to comment.  In my opinion there's an imbalance concerning wealth distribution      (personally I do okay) far too many people are being over paid for what they actually do as a job.
This is the root of all trouble ,unrest and poverty. To paraphrase something Churchill once said
"Never have so few owed so much to so many"  We need to start thinking outside the box on issues across the board.
22/05/2012 20:33
Cameron Diaz never looked so uncomfortable!

23/05/2012 07:40
Why - with the amount of actors out of work - is Cheryl Cole in a film??? I'm sorry, not on. Won't be going. Earn your craft like most actors have to, but stop taking our work!
23/05/2012 00:09
Who really gives a **** about a couple of overpaid talentless women
23/05/2012 10:26
Diaz has class and looks it... Cole or tweedle-dum is not in the same league. Simple as.
22/05/2012 20:33
Cameron Diaz never looked so uncomfortable!

23/05/2012 08:55

Why doesn't MSN just change it's name to 'The Cheryl Cole Fan Club',. At least it would be a honest description and readers would know what to expect before they logged on.


MSN is now the on line equivalent of of OK or Hello magazine. Can anybody suggest a decent site where some interesting news can be found?

23/05/2012 11:30
Why are MSN making complete fools of themselves by trying desperatly to ram the talentless bimbo Cheryl TWEEDY down our throats at every possible opportunity or is TWEEDY paying them to do so surely their repooerters can't be daft enough to think that she has any talent at all. As for her photo standing next to Cameron Diaz that is even more ridiculous and Diaz looks so embarassed a talented actress standing next to a convicted criminal who beats up coloured toilet attendants.
23/05/2012 10:25

"Looks like portraying someone with a serious interest in fitness has paid off for Cameron and her shoulder blades!"


.... I think actually she has always been like that, what with all the surfing etc

23/05/2012 10:58

Jeez man!!!! Cole is well out of her depth.....total famewhore. She is more in the katie price......amy childs....chantelle houghton.......jodie marsh bracket.....THUMBS up people!! Cameron Diaz is class

23/05/2012 10:27
Over rated over paid under talented but there are plenty of people out there that don't know any different to keep her laughing all the way to the bank.......innit?
30/05/2012 10:47

ha-ha people you make me laugh! You are all quick to judge her, but she has everything we all want; Money, Fame,  goes to great parties and mix’s with the A- listers. Does it matter if she can’t sing? she is pretty, great style and a wicked dancer. She clearly doing something right, hence why you are all talking about it! she may be like Katie Price, but Katie Price is A business women and a very good one, that’s why she is a millionaire. You don’t like Cheryl then stop talking about her because your only feeding her more fame! its pity you are all haters for someone who is a role model to a lot of girls and blokes love her! so you crack on with you nasty comments whilst driving in your Banged up Micra's drinking cheap wine, while Cheryl waves her wallet at you driving in her flash cars drinking Champagne

23/05/2012 07:58
Well, no-one will be missing you there Sarah. Sounds like the green has bit your ****. get a life girl!
25/05/2012 19:33
This talentless tone deaf bimbo cheryl tweedy ( lets get the name right, cole is her ex husbands name) is like a bad penny she shows up everywhere. CHERYL YOU ARE NOT WANTED!!! Will you go away and stop hitching rides on others fame and fortune. Do something, anything but please stop portraying yourself as a celebrity, your useless miss tweedy,and god are you false. Cameron is a beautiful woman but you, your a joke. Try singing lessons ,acting school or even speech therapy just go away and do something real you false money hungry council estate chav. 
23/05/2012 12:03
The fact that Cameron Diaz is in the movie is what will put bums on cinema seats not that a no talent mime artist has a minor - blink & you'll miss it - cameo role in it basically just playing herself & not very well at that.
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