28/09/2012 10:42 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Cheryl Cole chooses sexy outfit for dinner date with Tre Holloway

Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway

Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway (© Rex)
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Cheryl Cole and her boyfriend Tre Holloway were out in London last night. The cute couple dined at C Restaurant in London (formerly known as celeb hangout Cipriani).

We're glad to see it's not all work and no play for Cheryl and backing dancer Tre, who've both been hard at work in rehearsals ahead of Chezza's arena tour which kicks off in Belfast on 3 October.

See more pics of the pair in our gallery, but they weren't the only ones out in the British capital last night - Kate Moss, Matt Smith and Caroline Flack were out too...

kicks sh1t out of a black woman, then dates black men so people don't think she is racist......SAD TART.
28/09/2012 14:46
so fcuking what ? fgs-she's trying so hard to say she's not racist it's almost laughable-the only laughable thing about it is that everyone can see through her and her crap-can't sing, can't dance-has to mime and everything, and she can't even do that-and she'll sleep with ANYTHING non-white to stay in the limelight.
28/09/2012 14:00
Who gives a stuff which negro this silly tart is obsessed with at the minute. Nothing more than a manufactured clothes rack/shampoo selling/perfume ok'er.
28/09/2012 16:06
Another non story about the talentless chav Cheryl Tweedy as for her arena tour who wants to go and see a mime artist who can't dance I would think there will be a number of people demanding their money back. I still can't believe people have not seen her for what she is a talentless attention seeker who even the Americans saw through almost as once. 
28/09/2012 13:31
Cheryl Cole,ha ha ha ha ha,hard at work,ha ha ha ha,arena tour ha ha ha ha,oh dear.
28/09/2012 14:12
Cheryl Cole, the woman with Zero personality. She's really going flat out to try and make people think she's not racist.
28/09/2012 16:46
she doesn't look very happy to me in that picture
28/09/2012 15:55
wow Cheryl's been on a date.......what interesting news
wonder how much she charges per night
What is it with this woman can she only see black, most of her affairs last no longer than one of her hit singles. Try some one who will love her for what she is not for what she is worth and you can guarantee Tre will be off once he gets his break.  
28/09/2012 14:59
at least the lads not a big headed git like ashley, look at me in the showers john terry cole.
29/09/2012 11:42
he looks like ashley a bit is she going backwards

28/09/2012 18:49

Cheryl Cole has had more black men pass through her than Wormwood Scrubs

28/09/2012 15:26
How on earth is Jodie kidd a supermodel. She is just so ugly..
She may be barking up the wrong tre here. I like the fact that : Tre, is wearing a cardigan, which looks nice, but all the old boys that wear cardigans will be furious that Tre, is making the garment fashionable. I remember when Christopher Williams, first wore a thong on the gay beach at Whitby in Yorkshire, caused such a stir that all the kipper smokers pelted Williams and his meaty boys with rotten kippers.
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