22/01/2014 21:30
National TV Awards 2014: Michelle Keegan is loved-up with Mark Wright

National Television Awards 2014: Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

National Television Awards 2014 (© PA)
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TV's hottest couple Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan looked fantastic together as they walked down the red carpet at this year's National Television Awards.

Before the event, Mark tweeted saying: "On the way to the hotel to get ready for the NTAs tonight !! Always a great night !! Good luck to my girl @michkeegan on her award #proud." Bless!

The love-birds, who became engaged in September 2013, looked in great spirits as they posed for a series of pictures and, with their wedding on the horizon, we can hardly blame them...

Click on the above picture to see more pictures from the red carpet at this year's National Television Awards.


23/01/2014 01:55
Fake boobs, fake tan, fake lashes, fake hair extensions, genuine egos..
22/01/2014 22:00

I like Michelle but her plastic boobs look odd in that dress and her lip fillers mean she can't speak properly.  

She looked much prettier  'au naturel'.

23/01/2014 01:54
Two D-Listers trying to be A-List, they probably think they already are in their minds. They're so full of themselves it's unreal.
22/01/2014 23:13
23/01/2014 17:53
Some very strange comments here...jealousy looming? These two seem to be perfectly honest in their careers...she is a great soap actress and he is a celebrity made by you guys who have read and commented on this page! I don't think I have ever heard anything bad about them?......no drugs, inappropriate comments etc...so why give these two a hard time? So what if she wants to alter her physical appearance....so many others do it. 
23/01/2014 01:26
Oh oh looks like she believes her own hype... movie stars...not!
23/01/2014 05:07

Michelle Keegan looked like an Airfix  kit now that she's had so much plastic implanted!

She looked 100% better before.

Still as we've seen after Corrie about the best they can hope for, unless they're very lucky, is a place in the jungle, on I'm a celebrity, where they may come in useful as an aid to the life jacket.

22/01/2014 22:12
I agree with Holly, her butterflies do look as big as pterodactyls
23/01/2014 20:11
I use to like watching Michelle's character in Corrie, but became so bored with the way she acts, always with ego. Now glad she is leaving. Left silly Peter to sort it out with Carla.
23/01/2014 09:16

plastic boobs!!


 all things about these  National Gloating Awards

that Ants & DECling diseases ,won each year-well and supported by Ross and crotons,


Make the whole thing,

 quite sick, thick,

 & somewhat all a ****.


22/01/2014 23:21
another bloke up his own **** Alfie Moon!!!!!!!!
23/01/2014 16:38
Caroline Flack couldn´t stop a pig in a passage with those legs 
23/01/2014 00:11
oh what jealously does to some folk !!! i think you are a gorgeous young woman looking good kid best wishes to you xx

22/01/2014 22:34

They look so alike!  Hence the attraction.

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