30/05/2012 10:05 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Peaches Geldof shows off slim post-pregnancy figure at charity event

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung (© Rex)
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Alexa recently flew back to Blighty from her current home in New York... and she's back for a long five weeks! Expect to see many pictures of a pretty Alexa mooching around London town over the coming month.

We. Can't. Wait.

30/05/2012 18:14
of course she has got back to her pre pregnancy shape,,she dosent have to work for a living like us mere mortals,,,shes got all the time and money in the world to get into shape
30/05/2012 21:18
who gives a flying fcuk?   A nobody living off the name of her parents
30/05/2012 15:10
What is up with Peaches' fiance's trousers? And I am not jealous of Alexa Chung's pins, they are far too skinny, especially in the second photo, woah!

Bob Geldof is a nobody, his daughter is even more of a nobody.  Who actually cares about these people.

30/05/2012 17:08
Big deal she's young no need to be overweight especially when you have access to any amount of drugs to help.
Why is this news? this is what pops about 'celebrities' a no one, steps out of nowhere and does nothing. But because she is the daughter offspring of an clapped out crooner, MSN deems it newsworthy, it's ultra-mundane
30/05/2012 21:40
She is one the most unattractive people I've ever seen.
30/05/2012 17:43
is it just me or does her fiance look similar to her dad :/ that's kinda crazy
30/05/2012 20:12
What a great mother this silly little tart is going to make the child is a month old and she's heading out to get pissed and I suppose the child will put itself to bed after a little TV and late supper. Bloody moron should be locked up.
30/05/2012 17:36
they're all a bit too skinny and look like they need a good meal, im sure the charity will be glad of the money though.
30/05/2012 16:23
Please......fabulous pins?   No!  too thin...look at those boney knees in picture 5..  What is most attractive is the lovely smile on Alexa's face. 
30/05/2012 21:58

Great!  And us mere mortals without 24 hour childcare are over the moon to get back in our non-maternity jeans in 3 months.....and get back to our original size (if not shape) in a year.


I sound kind of bitter there but I am genuinely thrilled that after two children I am back to my old size a year on from the second....I just don't believe that it is doable to be back in shape that quickly without spending huge amounts of time in the gym that you really should be spending bonding with and taking care of your baby.

30/05/2012 19:46
should get her dad to cough up a few quid, seeing as he robbed enough of it off band aid,and he has the nerve to be on the tv the other day asking us to give more , cant believe the nerve of the moron
30/05/2012 16:46
i am going to rip them stupid bloody trousers off him one day
30/05/2012 20:19
31/05/2012 02:34
Amazing what money can get you. In a matter of weeks my ex wife was still suffering. We managed to get through it without nannies and lots of money as does EVERY working family! I DETEST stories like this ,but guaranteed people will be reading with bated breath for the first Tweet as and when she changes the first nappy or gets up at three in the morning to feed the child! (Never gonna happen!)
30/05/2012 21:01
They must be deliberate if they class her as a 'celebrity'.
30/05/2012 22:03
Bob Geldof,,worth an estimated 36 million,,.wonder where he got all that,,wasnt from the sale of his records i know,,
The message is basically;  "If you don't  walk out of the maternity ward and straight into the gym with a concave stomach when baby is 10 seconds old you are an unfit, lazy slob". Great message for new mums - NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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