24/10/2012 09:54 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Skyfall premiere: celebrities at the after party

Katie Price was reportedly kicked off the red carpet at the Skyfall premiere in London before heading to the after party

Skyfall premiere London - the after party! (© Rex)
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The highly-anticipated Royal World Premiere of Skyfall in London last night was a very A-list affair, with members of the Bond film's cast sashaying their way up the red carpet. Other celebs joined them there too, including Kelly Brook, Naomi Campbell, Sir Christopher Lee and JLS.

However, there was one particular person who was reportedly not as welcome as she may have hoped. It's been rumoured that Katie Price tried to walk into the premiere, held at the Royal Albert Hall, as the same time as Prince Charles and Camilla. The reality TV star is said to have been 'removed' from the red carpet.

Celebrity journalist Dean Piper tweeted: "Even more hilarious that she got chucked off Skyfall red carpet tonight because she tried to turn up same time as Prince Charles!"

However, despite being kicked off (presumably so the royals didn't have to look at those awful thigh-high boots), Katie is said to have made it into the after party unscathed! She attended the event alone as she has just split up with boyfriend Leandro Penna. Check out which other stars made it to the swanky Skyfall bash on the night...

24/10/2012 11:38
Katie Price? Isn't she the women with the big Boobs,and makes her money going through boyfriend after boyfriend so she can get into the papers????
24/10/2012 11:56
Glad she was. Its a classy affair not a trashy affair. 
24/10/2012 12:47
I've never liked her.  The UK's most famous slag.  Completely talentless and lacking any sense self respect.  Thank god age is catching up with her.  We should see less of her then....
24/10/2012 12:42
i think it's about time she was removed from society as a whole. she has made millions with no talent whatsoever.
they most likely removed her because they thought she was a vice girl trying to sneak in, she doesnt exactly look adequately dressed for the event.
24/10/2012 12:44

What she will do for publisity. Does she not realise people are not interested in her any more.

24/10/2012 12:37
biggest pig by a country farm yard mile
Katie Price is no film star so it's no wonder she was removed, or 'kicked off', from the red carpet.  What or who is she anyway?  A common glamour model?
24/10/2012 12:47
Don't you just get sick and fedup of hearing about this ugly ugly tart.
24/10/2012 13:10
Think she's lost it big time totally delusional she looks as thought she is going to a tarts ball not a Premiere. You would think with all her money she could afford to dress properly. She does herself no favours.
24/10/2012 13:11
could have been worse people,,,,posh n becks could have been there also grabbing the limelight,
24/10/2012 13:04
KATIE PRICE what is she thinking off? her dress looks cheap and nasty and those boots!! its not a good look just cheap and tawdry she could look much better!
24/10/2012 13:35

:) that must have been very embarrassing for her to turn up thinking your a big starlet only for someone to say who the heck are you bugger off and use the servants entrance. This is for real stars, cleaners use the side door round the back.

Then again some of the things she's done in the past she probably doesn't even know what embarrassing means anymore, let alone feel any shame. Oh well a new boyfriend or two might cheer her up for a day or two as long as she gets in the papers that is.

Why do they even have to mention this annoying woman.
24/10/2012 13:17


The night that will never to be remembered.

Just who the hell are all these non-entities,excuse me for being straight here but I was looking to see if there was anyone there that stood out apart from Daniel Craig of course.

But no, no one caught my eye that I will be able to say to the lads down the pub "Hey did you see so and so at the premier of Skyfall".

 A load of British has beens and a few slappers that have made their names by bedding anyone that would have them.

A few so called up and coming kid bands that will be forgotten as soon as the next made up group come along.

Oh and our Charlie boy, well I suppose talking to his plants all day he may never have noticed much difference after all he was talking to a load of vegetables all night long.

What a ghastly old slapper this person is. She looks like Christopher Williams, when he dressed up in drag, complete with pump up breasts, to attend the Newlyn fisherman's Christmas party. Williams was nearly bummed by a group of very drunken fishermen, but managed to fleet foot away.
Sorry but who is Katie Price and why was she there she's nothing special  just some woman with big boobs and from the photo she don't know how to dress.

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