01/10/2012 10:00 | By Kerri-Ann Roper, Senior Editor, MSN Entertainment
X Factor stars hit the town: is romance brewing?

Jaymi from Union J has an admirer...

Jaymi Hensley from Union J
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The X Factor 2012 finalists are letting their hair down...

And in true celebratory style, too. A host of the young wannabes took to London town last night to celebrate.

Union J's Jaymi Hensley has a secret admirer... already! Move over Harry Styles? Guess time will tell.

01/10/2012 12:38
Nah, Rylan Clark's probably thinking how much it would cost for him to get a pair like hers. Why on earth this weirdo has been picked to go on the X Factor is beyond me. I suppose it's a 'trend' these days to have a complete wacko in the line up. The sooner this 'thing' gets voted off the better.
01/10/2012 14:22

is it me or does the contestants sound crap


01/10/2012 13:16

the choices this year from the Judges was a total joke well half of who went through were a total joke then fantastic singers Like Christopher Maloney who didnt get through should have been one of the first he is fantastic,,,,,,,,,, BRING BACK SIMON COWELL x x x x  x x x


01/10/2012 19:09
X Factor "stars", let's not get ahead ourselves now. They're still nobodies until they win their little karaoke contest. A star is someone known internationally, yet there are thousands in the UK who have never even heard of these talentless little twits who all look like cartoon characters. 
01/10/2012 17:58
What the hell is he doing on x-factor what a joke!!
01/10/2012 15:42
Yet again someone who cannot sing has taken the place of someone who can why do they bother.
24/10/2012 15:52
what compare tan she my friend is a beautifull looking lady and he is as bent as a bottle of crisps gay wanna be  who cant sing who is stopping millions from watching x factor
24/10/2012 15:47
what no gay fest tonight must need a rest
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